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Learn Qur'an the right way with well-versed tutors who have years of expereience in teaching.

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Zia ul Quran Academy

Zia-ul Quran Academy is an independent organization run by a small group of professionals. We invite everyone to learn the teachings of the Holy Quran and the commandments of Islam, regardless of their race, color, or nationality. Our aim is to make every Muslim understand and follow the basic principles of our religion so that we can become a better Ummah and make this world a better place for everyone to live in.

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Enlighten Your Soul and Home with Quran- Zia Ul Quran Online Quran Academy

Zia Ul Quran Academy offers the most practical and learnable approaches to help people learn Quran through Online Quran Academy. Finding nearby Quran academies in USA and UK is quite difficult. However, our academy suits all nations’ kids and adults (new Muslims). Basic to advanced level approaches help people learn Quran with appropriate dialect.

Our ambitious, certified, and experienced teachers, embellished with modern learning strategies, deliver effective lessons using virtual mediums. Moreover, the system is transparent and easy to acquire, so anyone with basic knowledge can participate in various domains. The versatile domains include memorization, translation, various recitations, reading, tajweed, tafaseer, Prayer methods, supplications, and many more regular Islamic obligations. 

Need for Online Quran Academy in the USA and UK

People often lose the real Islamic legacy when living in a country with a dominant non-muslim population and community. The digital world has undoubtedly enabled us to communicate freely, making the educational process much more convenient.

However, now you can people are learning Quran from an experienced, well-versed Scholar settled in KSA or any other Muslim country while living in USA or UK. The reasons people living in European and Western countries need Online Quran Academy equipped with modern approaches is the unavailability of local Scholars and experienced teachers. 

Zia Ul Quran-Online Quran Academy is the most reliable platform for USA and UK residents to acquire divine knowledge. Regardless of different sects, we provide equilibrium to the people looking to learn the right Quran dialect and emboss the knowledge with additional and supportive roots. 

Training and Counseling for New Muslims

Islam is divine religion destined to dominate throughout humanity. However, the western world has many new Muslims who accepted Islam by heart and soul. Yet the theoretical knowledge needs practice under the supervision of experienced scholars. Online Quran Academies in USA and UK provide a platform for novices. 

Non Arab Linguistic

The medium of communication in the Quran is the Arabic Language. For non-linguistic people, it becomes almost impossible to read the verses of the Quran. The phonics and reading of the Quran demand basic knowledge regarding Tajweed and the Identification of alphabets for reading the Words of Allah. Since Zia-Ul-Quran Academy is working on a basic to advance level approach and thus help non-linguistic people easily read the Quran on their own.

Dialects and Qirat

The word “Quran” is derived from the root word “ QURA,” which means the most readable book/text. Therefore, Allah has made it easy for the tongue of people to read and acquire the right dialects. However, it needs practice and guidance with attentive supervision. The harmonious recitation of the Quran is not possible without listening and reading practices. You can also acquire different dialects allowed by Prophet Muhammad SAW while reading Quran. 

Kids and After School Religious Training

The utmost concern of people living in the USA and UK is being unable to find peaceful religious training institutes. The school education system does not offer any religious knowledge. However, the life of a Muslim family is not complete without basic Islamic Knowledge. In such circumstances, the need for Online Quran Academy is quite high in the USA, the UK, and many other western countries. Kids also learn basic Islamic practices while participating in events held by Online Quran Academies.

COVID- The Online Revolution

After COVID, the world has changed, and people prefer online and virtual dealings. Instead of mixing up in a potentially hazardous community, people prefer an online educational system. It reduces the cost of commuting as well as save your time and energy. 

Enrolling Procedure Zia Ul Quran Online Quran Academy

The process to enroll is simple, and you can easily avail the opportunity by clicking the link given on the page in Contact Us Section.

·        Fill up the requirements given in the form

·        Register and pay through online banking

·        Confirm Registration

·        Get access to the student’s portal and set the schedules with tutors and trainers.

·        You can set the benchmarks and select the courses available with Zia Ul Quran.


·        For your assistance, our team will guide you throughout the enrollment and learning procedures. 

Why Study with Zia Ul Quran –Online Quran Academy

Learn from the cradle to the grave. Prophet Muhammad SAW said, we as Muslims are obliged to act accordingly. Zia Ul Quran is not a service that enables you to cram and read a few verses of the Holy Quran. Rather, we develop a good practicing Muslim. Below are a few aspects of our online Quran academy that will help you understand the concept and vision of Zia Ul Quran.

Flexible Schedules

Our online tutors and scholars are available 24/7, and you can design a schedule that meets your timeline. Moreover, by interacting through digital mediums, you can have the direct support of the tutor. 

Individual and Group Classes

Depending on your domain, you can avail yourself of individual (1-to-1) sessions and group classes. Students who need devoted attention are dealt with on different criteria, and the group system improves the discussions for research purposes.

Multi-lingual Communication

Dealing in English, we also provide distinctive language tutors on demand. You can select the communication medium, and a specific tutor will be assigned to help you learn the Quran.

Device Compatibility

 We are offering a user-friendly interface to our students. Even people with basic knowledge about the website and computer can easily sign in and learn through our Online Quran Academy. You can even access the forum on multiple devices, whether iOS, Android, or Windows.

What We Teach- Holy Quran, the Eternal Divinity

Learning Quran is an utmost duty of Muslims. Learning does not only include the memorization of a few words and duas. Rather it’s much deeper and more insightful. Zia Ul Quran enlightens the learning pathway for the students and helps them explore the divine essence of the Quran. 

Memorization of Quran

Quran is the only Holy Book on the face of Earth that is preserved in all aspects. Moreover, memorization of the Quran has special virtue in Islam. Hence, memorization needs advanced efforts from tutors as well as from students. Our tutors at the Quran Academy enable students to use the most helpful tactics to memorize the Quran easily. The benchmarks and schedules are professionally designed to meet the requirement.

Reading Quran with Admirable Dialects and Accent

Especially for kids and non-Arab people, it isn’t easy to acquire the right accent and proper dialects. Our trainers are not only certified “Qari” but also analyze the most admirable “Qura” around the world to help people imitate the recitation styles. 

Tajweed and Basic Norani Qaida

Tajweed is a knowledge of the Quran that helps you appropriately read the verses according to the style in which the Quran was revealed. Knowledge of Tajweed is vast, and a portion of it is obligatory for every Muslim, as mentioned in Quran, to read it with the right dialect. However, acquiring in-depth knowledge enhances the recitations and accent.


Zia Ul Quran has specialized scholars with in-detail theoretical knowledge of Tajweed. We enable students to apply the knowledge practically from basic to advanced levels.

Learning Duas , Salah and Azkar

Islam is not only a religion but a system sent to us by our creator. Daily azkars, Duas, and Salah are also a part of our training program. The program is exceptionally beneficial for new Muslims and kids. Usually, it becomes difficult for people living in the USA and UK to send kids to Masajid to learn the Obligatory Azkars and Prayers. But we help students understand the intents and perceptions with authentic literature, according to Sunnah.  

Zia Ul Quran- Radiance Of Quran enables you to acquire authentic and reliable knowledge of the Quran through a reliable platform at affordable rates.


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